We are experts in software systems development and project management. Your project will receive the utmost attention from highly qualified professionals experienced in creating and deploying solutions.

Rapid Development

Our work most often entails web applications, productivity tools, and business databases utilizing the salesforce.com and force.com platforms. This focus results in projects being completed in weeks or months, not years.

Our Approach is to Build a Solid Foundation

Every project begins with our unique business review process, in which we work with you to define business objectives and requirements. We then develop your solution over a series of incremental stages, each one demonstrating new, tested features and finishing with a full release.

Managing Uncertainty

It is critical to budget and schedule so that a project meets its business objectives. We provide progressively refined estimates, both for schedule and cost, throughout a project so that our clients can control their priorities.

Uncertainty exists in every software project; we make sure there aren’t surprises as well.

Commitment to Process

Our principals understand the challenges and evolution of knowledge management and software development and write regularly on the topic in our blog. They are industry leaders dedicated to the evolution of business process via the practical applications of tools and technologies.

What to Expect When You Work With Us

In addition to following a project process that develops real world solutions we also commit to being available and responsive:

  • You’ll meet with us regularly by phone or in person;
  • We’ll be responsive to you;
  • You’ll know your budget and be in control of your priorities;
  • We’ll provide recommendations and flexible options;
  • If we don’t know the answer, we’ll tell you;
  • We’ll be interested in your business; and
  • We’ll always tell the truth.