With years of experience in a number of industry verticals we work to bring fresh, new, innovative ideas to the market by combining what’s proven with what’s possible. Our focus is primarily centered on the fitness & wellness and franchising industries.


We’ve developed a Salesforce application called Franchise Flywheel specifically tailored for franchisors. The application gives franchisors access to a data model that’s designed to put franchisors on the fast-track to customizing their Salesforce account to fit the unique processes of the franchising industry. It encompasses franchise awarding, pre-opening, franchise operations, and franchise administration.
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General Business

Simple SMS
A native Salesforce application that gives you the ability to send and receive SMS messages from within Salesforce. Visit the AppExchange listing for more details.

Open Source

Klout + Salesforce Mashup
We developed a program that gives you the ability to get Klout scores (and other Klout information) for your Leads and Contacts in Salesforce.  The Salesforce Code Share project is listed here, and the source code can be found on GitHub here.