The Flywheel Group is a Salesforce consulting partner, and you can rest assured you’ll have Salesforce-certified people assisting you with your project.

CRM Administration Program (Salesforce)

We created our CRM Administration Program to give SMB’s affordable and flexible access to certified Salesforce consultants.  We have the business and technical expertise to help you successfully utilize your CRM and maximize your ROI without having to hire a full-time Salesforce administrator.  Learn More >>

CRM Implementation (Salesforce)

Whether it’s company-wide or a single business unit, ensuring a successful CRM implementation takes proper planning and coordination.  From requirements gathering to end-user training, our experience can help you develop a comprehensive solution for a successful CRM implementation.  Learn More >>


Your business is unique.  Your CRM configuration should be, too.  Every business has nuances pertaining to their particular business processes, operational requirements, and security and data access needs.  Our expertise on the platform will help you uniquely configure your system to fit your business needs, thus helping you fully leverage your CRM.

Custom Apex/Visualforce Development

Sometimes your business applications are complex and require additional functionality that isn’t native to the platform.  We have experience building custom Apex classes, custom controllers, triggers, web services, and Visualforce pages.

Data Migration

Moving data back and forth between your CRM and external systems is a common scenario.  Whether you need an initial data import to get you started, or you need to sync information between systems – we can help.