What is Cloud Computing Exactly ?

Posted on 06. Apr, 2010 by in Cloud Computing, Franchising

I take for granted that many people understand what “Cloud Computing” is. Speaking at different events and talking with clients in franchising and other industries, I’ve become more aware that many don’t truly understand what the term “Cloud Computing” means.

At the Flywheel Group this has made us stop and think, given all the potential that the cloud offers clients particularly in franchising, that we need to do a better job of sharing more about what the “Cloud” really is.

Its really important for people in any organization to grasp the concept of the “Cloud” because it is going to touch everything in our lives and organizations, if it hasn’t already started to. Franchise executives and managers should take a moment to catch up on the basics with this quick video which is an excellent and short explanation of how Virtualization, Utility Computing and Software as a Service are converging to make Cloud Computing an important aspect of franchising today. Watch !

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