Mobility – An Invaluable Tool for Franchise Field Operations

Posted on 06. Feb, 2010 by in Franchise Technology, Franchising

If you’ve been in the franchise industry for any time you know the scenario. The poor franchise business consultant, working with a franchisee or its managers at a location in the field. The business is having challenges and the new consultant is trying to get down to the who, what, when, where and why. The hard copy paper file had not been well documented and the field consultant did not even have time before the trip to look at it. There had been a series of field consultants over the past few years who had dealt with this troubled operation.

The consultant gets on the telephone to the office trying to understand what had happened before, trying to get some guidance on what to do as he witnesses major problems before his eyes. Its a mess.

Imagine the alternative. Using his iPhone the consultant instantly pulls up the entire history of interactions with the managers and franchisee. He sees the last series of communication from marketing and operations on his device. There are notes from past visits and qc scores for operations.  He sees that the franchise contract is about to mature in the next 3 years and handily notes his visit in the device. He has a 360 degree view and is much more effective without having to copy hard files or call people at the office to try to understand what had been going on before.

Watch the video below and learn how mobility integrated into solutions like the Franchise Flywheel enable franchise field consultants to achieve results when they need it the most. On the ground.

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