Fundamentals: Are You Effectively Managing Lead-Flow?

Posted on 09. Mar, 2010 by in Case Studies, Franchise Lead Generation, Franchise Technology, Franchising

In the spirit of posting helpful information that has real-world applicability, I’ve put together a short video demo of effectively managing lead flow.  This clip deals with managing incoming or reactive lead flow, as opposed to proactive lead generation.

Sophisticated franchise companies will have multiple lead generation campaigns in place, at all times, and in various mediums.  The ability to integrate every lead, regardless of entry point, into your pipeline in real-time and rapidly route, contact, qualify, and follow up with these prospective customers (franchisees) would have at one time put you head and shoulders above your competition.  Today, it’s a fundamental process that every organization needs to achieve long-term success.  And it’s not enough to have a structured sales process in place.  There should be quantifiable objectives and goals built into the process, along with the ability to track analytics at each step, so that a process of continuous improvement and a true reality can be seen in order to make the best decisions.  The picture below is a good illustration of various entry points and a lead capture methodology.

Lead Generation Flow Chart

I hope that this video will be helpful in learning a bit more about the way that we have worked with others to develop effective lead flow management processes and tools.

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