Franchisor Ignorance Is Bliss – Is $150 a Month Too Much To Ask ?

Posted on 18. Apr, 2010 by in Franchise Technology, Management Philosophy

My partner and I have been presenting our new solution franchise flywheel to the franchise community. It is truly cutting edge. Most of all its so affordable and provides a series of capabilities that many ZORS could only dream about. We’ve been fortunate to speak to some very reputable and accomplished franchise professionals about our solution. Commonly they love it. However, a call last week with one very accomplished person really brought home a tough question for me. Are some ZORS worried about the wrong things?

Like most people we speak to, this organization is using spreadsheets, outlook, old versions of ACT and other fragmented tools to run their business. In reality many of these folks cannot tell “come here” from “sic ‘em” without involving many hours of effort and people’s time. There is no 360 view of the business. There is no coordination of communication, orchstrated work flows and as a result there are many more people being employed to do mundane things. Even more obviously, what those folks ARE DOING is not nearly as productive as it could be. This is usually acknowledged by the people we talk to and then, as in our call last week, comes THE DISCUSSION. What’s the price ?

Now price is an important variable and its an important question. I mean you have to deliver value for the dollar. We understand that and really see this as our primary advantage. For this ZOR the price would be a mere one hundred and fifty dollars a month. That’s right $150 a month. What was surprising is that THIS WAS OBJECTIONABLE. Can you believe it ? I can’t. $150 a month is a mere $1,800 a year to have something that actually helps you MANAGE your business instead of it managing you. $150 a month is what many companies spend on a single mobile telephone bill per executive manager. It’s a single dinner with a franchise prospect. It is less than 10% of the average franchise unit fee. How is that objectionable?

Do you think franchising generally has ignored the benefits that technology and systems offer? What can explain this type of thinking? We continue to mine for the insightful ZORS who can see the value in the franchise flywheel. Can you help us find some more evolved ZORS to speak with?

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