Why Franchise Organizations Better Jump Into Cloud Computing Now – Watch

Posted on 26. Mar, 2010 by in Cloud Computing, Franchise Technology

What is even more alarming, if you are relying on a third party vendor, which might have financial issues you are unaware of given today’s environment, to manage and host your Intranet content or business systems based on a proprietary infrastructure, you may have some real trouble ahead. What happens if they fold ? What upgrades are they making to adopt new tools ?

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9 Key Disciplines For Success When Adopting New IT Solutions

Posted on 25. Mar, 2010 by in Franchise Technology, Franchising

With the surge in more affordable and flexible cloud based information systems, like salesforce.com, many intelligent organizations are evaluating changing their information systems. This is particularly true for franchise organizations, whose unique business models offer an opportunity to improve productivity significantly via the wise adoption of well crafted solutions like franchiseflywheel.com .

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How-To: Create Leads from Twitter Conversations

Posted on 24. Mar, 2010 by in Case Studies, Franchise Lead Generation, Franchise Technology

Many franchisors utilize Twitter to communicate their products and services to would-be customers.  But how do you know if your social media efforts are paying off?  Can you pull up a real-time report to see just how many new leads you’ve created over the past week?  If you find an interesting conversation taking place about […]

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The Merger Myth: Why Franchise Brand Consolidations Fail

Posted on 21. Mar, 2010 by in Franchising, Management Philosophy

Having consulted with a variety of franchise executive, many whom have been touted in industry rags as being franchise gurus, I can say that few possess deep understanding of their own franchise system let alone the ability to ascertain the workings of another they are thinking of acquiring. Therefore, to the extent consolidations continue as a strategy reflective of a maturing franchise marketplace, folks should remain highly skeptical of mergers as a means to realize efficiencies that create value.

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Financing Trends Will Reward Focused Franchise Systems

Posted on 18. Mar, 2010 by in Franchising

For franchisees and franchisors obtaining necessary capital is becoming an increasing challenge which is impeding growth. Unfortunately, finance experts think the ongoing cash crunch will continue to limit opportunities for some time. Restrictions on available capital will reward those franchise systems that adopt intelligent management and systems which enable them to improve core operations so […]

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Why Some Franchise Systems Succeed While Others Fail

Posted on 16. Mar, 2010 by in Case Studies, Franchising

The results of the study indicate that franchise systems founded between 1981 and 1983, which are structured to economize on agency costs, are more likely to survive than franchise systems which are not structured to economize on agency costs. This finding is important because the failure rate of franchise systems is high, with over 72 percent of the new franchise systems in the sample ceasing to franchise by 1995.

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Designing a Process for Awarding Franchises – Part 2: Management

Posted on 14. Mar, 2010 by in Franchise Lead Generation, Franchise Technology, Franchising, Management Philosophy

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” -Albert Einstein In my previous post, titled “Designing a Process for Awarding Franchises – Part 1: Leadership”, I looked at the notion of how designing a process of awarding franchises has to start with […]

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Designing a Process for Awarding Franchises – Part 1: Leadership

Posted on 13. Mar, 2010 by in Franchise Lead Generation, Franchising, Management Philosophy

Designing a process for effectively awarding franchises can be challenging.  There is both a management and a leadership component to doing it.  You may recall the image that Stephen Covey paints in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” whereby a group of Workers are fighting their way through the jungle, wielding machetes and cutting […]

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Fundamentals: Franchise Lead Generation with Google Adwords

Posted on 10. Mar, 2010 by in Case Studies, Cloud Computing, Franchise Lead Generation, Franchise Technology, Franchising

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about effectively managing lead-flow, I’ve posted another video showing what I’ve found to be very useful and effective tools for lead generation. You might want to consider incorporating Google Adwords campaigns into your repertoire for franchise lead generation. The ability to target micro-channels and create highly relevant campaigns […]

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Fundamentals: Are You Effectively Managing Lead-Flow?

Posted on 09. Mar, 2010 by in Case Studies, Franchise Lead Generation, Franchise Technology, Franchising

In the spirit of posting helpful information that has real-world applicability, I’ve put together a short video demo of effectively managing lead flow.  This clip deals with managing incoming or reactive lead flow, as opposed to proactive lead generation. Sophisticated franchise companies will have multiple lead generation campaigns in place, at all times, and in […]

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